NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Community Gaming, the premier all-in-one esports competition platform, has announced today that it has, through a collaboration with the Play2Learn Foundation and KlimaDAO, become climate positive by completely offsetting its on-chain carbon emissions, particularly through the preservation of the rainforest. With the adoption and development of initiatives focused on creating a sustainable Web3 ecosystem, this partnership has helped mitigate the carbon footprint of Community Gaming’s on-chain transactions.


A Decentralized Autonomous Organization for Change, KlimaDAO aims to leverage Web3 technology to reduce market fragmentation and connect climate finance with global sustainability projects. Through the building blocks provided by KlimaDAO to enable high-impact and composable Web3-based carbon solutions and mass participation in the carbon markets, Community Gaming and the Play2Learn Foundation have been able to put their initiatives into effect, participating in the market through the use of the KLIMA token.

“It was important for us to not only mitigate our impact on the environment but properly do our part to make sure we’re in a position to give back more than we take,” said Community Gaming CEO Chris Gonsalves. “We’re proud to say that we’re climate positive and that our work with the Play2Learn Foundation and KlimaDao has allowed us to make a positive impact on the environment.”

In addition to its stated goals of widening financial inclusion and improving technological literacy, the Play2Learn Foundation has prioritized education and policies focused on Web3’s environmental impact. In the course of its activities, the foundation has taken a proactive stance toward integrating sustainability into Community Gaming’s core principles. 

“The Play2Learn Foundation has already offset 500 tonnes of MCO2 along with 200 tonnes of NCT, equating to about 4,200 mature trees being planted or preserved,” said David Garpenstahl, Executive Director of the Play2Learn Foundation. “This initial contribution not only pushed Community Gaming  towards being CO2 negative with their on-chain emissions but laid the needed groundwork toward Community Gaming becoming more environmentally conscious and climate positive as an organization.”

David Garpenstahl and Chris Gonsalves will join the Planet of the Klimates podcast for an in-depth discussion of Community Gaming and the Play2Learn Foundation’s environmental initiatives and contributions toward a clean Web3 ecosystem.

About Community Gaming
Community Gaming is an all-in-one esports competition platform, building cutting edge infrastructure to foster the growth of Web3 gaming and esports. Through its seamless UX and efficient Ethereum and Solana-based blockchain payment technology, the platform equips players, competition organizers, and game developers with the tools they need to create, facilitate, and participate in esports tournaments. Community Gaming believes in Earnings for Everyone, offering opportunities to monetize their passion for gaming through completing Quests, a daily content engine for earnings and game discovery.

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About Play2Learn Foundation
The Play2Learn Foundation is a 501 c3 non-profit that provides gamers and entrepreneurs with inspiration, education and the resources they need to navigate the emerging Web3 landscape by promoting financial inclusion and technological literacy. With 1.6 billion people still without access to a bank account, the Play2Learn Foundation focuses on numerous educational initiatives and social impact programs to promote financial inclusion and technological literacy to young gamers around the globe. Connect with us at

About KlimaDAO
KlimaDAO is an on-chain scaling solution for the Voluntary Carbon Market. KlimaDAO aims to open up the market to greater transparency and efficiency by combining tokenized carbon credits with a blockchain-enabled technology stack.

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